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John had gotten the surprise of his fucking life this morning. In a good way, that was, and while it had taken a few moments for him to wake up enough to realize what, exactly, was coming out of his shower-head, he had figured it out eventually.

A call and a bribe to get a same-day delivery of a few giant bottles of Culligan and a water cooler from the mainland, a trip over the Causeway to the YMCA for a godsdamned shower with water and a shopping trip for the appropriate accouterments...

It was getting on towards dinner time by the time once he was back and had everything he needed. The door to his flat was propped open, text messages reading my fucking taps are running absinthe come fucking help me enjoy it, music on and food available.

Fuck yeah Constantine was indulging. And no, he wasn't lighting his sugar cubes on fire, that shit was for showy amateurs.

[OOC: Open post! If you think you got a text, you did, or feel free to stumble over Constantine's Bad Choices.]
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So You Want To Be A Wizard Library Aide

For some reason, many of John's aides thought it was a good idea to graduate, the plonkers. Now he has to train in a new batch not to make faces when he's smoking in the library.

Yes, that's right, he has FIVE (5) library slots open, you lucky bastards. Someone's gonna fill 'em, and it better not be him.

Aides are responsible for posting the library one day a week. (If two people want to sign up as a team to cover a single day, that's coolbeans).

In IC terms, your character can have either filled out the application at some (handwavily) or be assigned via the GLORIOUS tradition of paperwork error. Either way, you need to fill out the form below and post it here for my records. If you want to apply IC, hit me up and we'll see what we can do.

Duties include shelving books, keeping the librarian caffeinated, organizing books, loaning books, wrangling books, and ensuring the sustainability of the fabric of time and space. You may be asked to handle awkward book situations, such as: dog-earred corners, sudden fangs, purple prose, books turning into animals, animals turning into books, ponies, genre-wars, revisionist history, and the ever dreaded paper cut.

Interested applicants! Copypasta the info below into the comments & fill it out IC:

Preferred Day:
Why are you interested in the position of Library Aide?
The Genre Wars have resumed, and you catch Historical Fiction attempting to put Fantasy in the trash. How do you respond?
The librarian is smoking in his office. Again. What do you do?
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Once John finished up at the radio station, he walked down the street to Jon's place to bang on the door, two Portalocity tickets tucked in his back pocket. "Oy! Jon! Grab your boots and get your arse down here you fucking git."

There was no possible way this was going to end well.

[OOC: For him that is mentioned.]
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So You Want To Be A Wizard Library Aide

The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page. )

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Librarian & Walking Disaster: John Constantine
Canon: Vertigo's Hellblazer, post "Dangerous Habits."

It's just the way of it, son. We all sell our souls sooner or later. )

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Dec. 23rd, 2012 11:32 am
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"Right, you lot know the drill. Speak at the tone."

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